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Cosmos  Stonar                    Gorgeous Art The Universe           





His name is Fradel Delgarde, and he adopted the name of “Cosmos Stonar, the most gorgeous artwork in the Universe.  Born into a musical family, he was enthusiastic to see his father-playing trumpet at an early age, and he developed a passion for music from infancy. Cosmos Stonar began to perform in many churches and Social Events and released his first solo album titled Essence of Life.  Jump-Start-Entertainment produced his second album Never Been Heard B-4 featuring another artist LT joining his band BBS and released it lately independently under cdbaby music distribution 

One of Cosmos Stonar's greatest contributions was the Yes We Can song that he wrote recorded and produced during the Obama campaign of 2008 that was played by many radio stations, including by Mark Sutton, who is the Radio Host of Liberal Radio at Hofstra University. Indeed, Fradel Delgarde was grateful to receive a letter of appreciation From President Barack Obama for his musical contribution during his presidential campaign of 2008.  


In addition, Fradel Delgarde earned his Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice Administration at Florida International University and taught in high school as a Social Studies and Math teacher for four years then went on to earn his Master's Degree in Social science/history at Nova Southeastern University. Moreover, Fradel Delgarde has also studied Videos and Filmmaker at Miami International University. In fact, He is a scriptwriter, film editor, producer, director, and videographer. Obviously, he is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society and also a member of the Kappa Delta Pi/International Honor Society in Education.

For the Obama Presidential campaign of 2012, Cosmos Stonar contributed again to his campaign by writing the 2012 Obama President Song. In fact, his song was produced and distributed independently by Jump-Start-Entertainment while Fradel Delgarde aka Cosmos Stonar was volunteering for the Obama 2012 General Election Campaign Organization. He became a Stage Location Director for the North Miami area throughout the year. His 20 20 20212 Obama President video had been played by many world websites including the Obama Campaign Team at the FIU North Auditorium prior to the final debate between President Obama and Senator Mitt Romney. He loves doing music because it is fun, and it allows him to express himself freely. In 2012, Cosmos Stonar traveled to Los Angeles California to perform at different venues during Indie Entertainment Summer. He recently performed at Florida International University for the 2014 Chinese New Year Gala which was sponsored by FIU Student Government Association, CHIMSA, SOC, and Miami China City.  Cosmos Stonar performed for the Nova Southeastern University Community Festival of 2014 and also for The Place Of Miami.


 In 2015, Cosmos  Stonar has written Vote Hillary Clinton President 2016 song and music video that was recorded and produced by Jump-Start-Entertainment and and distributed by TuneCore worldwide. This song has been played on many radio stations and online websites in the process of being elected the first Woman President of the United States of America. Due to his passion for Electing the First Woman President of the United States. Indeed, he steps in to become a Field Organizer for the Democratic Party. At the end of the Hillary Presidential Campaign, Cosmos Stonar went back to the studio and recorded another song and music video that were Distributed by  Jump-Start-Entertainment to continue pushing the Hillary Presidential Campaign forward. Indeed, Cosmos Stonar has supported the battle for Women's Rights and Equality.

Cosmos Stonar has devoted himself to bringing solace and joy into one's life. He has created different types of musical vibes for people to feel and taste his music worldwide. On the other hand, his music can touch sensitive issues that we people of the world face, such as politics and education, techno, pop and reggae, and much more. Cosmos Stonar has brought new musical flavors that can put you in the mood to dance. Family and friends that encourage him to keep writing and recording great songs have influenced him.


Fradel Delgarde /A.K.A. Cosmos Stonar

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